Maro, Lea and the many colleagues that have went towards the granted destiny they tell the story of the destiny that cannot be opposed by overcoming the misunderstanding, fights and many obstacles. The colleagues that sacrifice themselves by accepting their destiny and betrayal without meaning in belief, is what the gods did not expect. The TOUR OF DUTY displays the content that draws the self-determination rather than obediently accepting the destiny decided by the world that is controlled by the gods.
DevelopmentDRAGONFLY GenrePC Game/ Traditional RPG Year of Release1996

KARMA signifies ties and destiny. For the instance of KARMA, the basic background is like the confrontation of good and evil but ultimately, it is not. The main character, Zid Hartman is born with the complex destiny and the secrets of his birth, how he is hidden and who he is raised by cannot be known but Zid is at work as a mercenary soldier in the Azores kingdom. As a mercenary soldier, he only feels his vitality when flourishing his word. To him, the Egoilde continent is neither beautiful nor dreamy. He is a character that receives work and has to see blood and death before peacefully falling asleep.
Ultimately the story begins by him finding out his birth secret by killing his father who had been chased after within the conspiracy of the dishonest gods without his understanding. This does not mean that Zid fights for righteousness or vengeance. Also, Zid is not a character of goodness or righteousness. He continues to fight because of the born occupation. Zid, who is filled with the retribution for the deeds of a former life, overcomes his deeds through his two colleagues and opposes against the dishonest gods of the world and retroacts his destiny till he feels his limitations.
The outlook on the world of KARMA can be considered as being a bit cynical. Ultimately, the character fights against the suppression of the gods controlling the Egoilde but there exists no awareness of good or evil amongst the characters. There only exists the road chosen for them.
DevelopmentDRAGONFLY GenrePC Game/ Traditional RPG Year of Release1997
Foreign OutcomeAdvanced into China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy and German
AwardsBest Video Award, Korea Game Excellent Award in 1997, Excellent Game of the Month in December of 1997

Valpurgis night
As the fantasy role-playing game, it is the game of building a story by developing the character it was made for the low-aged level to direct the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Also, the popular cartoonist Mina Hwang took charge of designing the characters to attempt at upgrading the characters. Numerous fun events are prepared during the focus portion or the turning point of the story and the start of the game begins with an event. Besides from the events, videos and maps are naturally connected in many parts for the FULL 3D mini game to be inserted to elevate the enjoyment of the game.
DevelopmentDRAGONFLY GenrePC Game/ Simulation RPG Year of Release1999

Anpan Man
As the game based on the cartoon of the same name in 1998, it is the action game excluding the nudity and violence for users who haven’t come in contact with games to easily absorb into the game. The game was subjected towards the low-age level that holds the wide recognition by using the character to the maximum. Overall, the main stage is constructed with a total of 15 stages. Each stage is mostly based on the cartoon series of Anpan Man for the stage construction fulfilled with individuality and the main game is variously constructed through the full-faced scroll method game that can give the dimensional effect and stage using the flying function as well as the zip scroll action to add to the enjoyment of the game.
DevelopmentDRAGONFLY GenrePC Game/Action Year of Release1998

Anpan Man 2
Just like the previous title, as the action arcade game that can be easily enjoyed by anyone with fully livening up the feeling and atmosphere of the cartoon film, Anpan Man, it was built for the first time users or the low-aged users to easily focus into the game. Both the zip scroll arcade and shooting game can be enjoyed and is constructed of 23 stages including the shooting stage.
DevelopmentDRAGONFLY GenrePC Game/Action Year of Release2000